"If you are looking for someone who can lead you to achieve your dream presentation for your project or conference, Ferrell is your best choice!"

~ Amara Barroeta, Owner Amara Chocolate & Coffee, TV Host, TEDx Speaker

"Ferrell was consistently supportive, articulate, and insightful. While some have an understanding of syntax and dialect, fewer have an additional appreciation for story, and fewer still have the ability to convey those complexities with kindness and warmth. Ferrell is one of those special outliers."

~ Bryan Kett, Writer ,Scientist, Humorist, TEDx Speaker

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"Over several sessions, she used her acting expertise to transform my wooden delivery into a presentation with power and persuasion."

~Jenny Watts, Curator of Photography + Visual Culture, The Huntington Library,
TEDx Speaker

"We will totally work with Ferrell again and happily recommend her to anyone who needs a coach."

~Adenike A. Harris and Peter J. Harris , Father, Daughter, Allies – PopsnAde
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